COVID-19 Coronavirus Update


Coronavirus Update

We are so relieved to see the numbers reducing daily of the number of cases and deaths due to COVID 19.  Also, so glad that more and more individuals are choosing to take the vaccine, which has proven to be effective in reducing the number of hospitalizations and severe reactions.  We are open for indoor visitation by appointment and our residents are able to leave the campus for day visits with their loved ones.  CDC just released some new guidelines regarding the wearing of your face mask, if you have been vaccinated.  Even though most of our residents have chosen to be vaccinated, these new guidelines do not apply to our industry.  It specifically states that Long Term Care facilities, along with hospitals and doctor’s offices are the exception to these new recommendations.

Laurens County positivity rate has been lowering each week.  We currently are testing weekly.  If we have no positive cases and the rate drops below five, than we test monthly.  We have been so blessed to have zero residents in our skilled nursing test positive for the virus, since March 2020.  We have received an award from the Department of Health acknowledging this achievement.  Only 13% of our Assisted Living residents have tested positive (all have recovered) and less than 16% of our employees.  We are very proud of our staff and them following our Infection Control protocols.

We continue to communicate with our residents weekly with updates on our reopening and pray that very soon this virus will be controlled and our lives resume some form of normalcy.  Please keep Martha Franks in your prayers – pray for our staff and their well- being and pray for the safety of our residents.  Thank you for your continued support through this Pandemic.

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On-Call Emergency Worker Sign up

SCBMA leadership is preparing for every possible scenario as the pandemic evolves.  Part of that effort involves compiling a list of Emergency On-Call Workers who are willing to provide care and services to residents at Bethea or Martha Franks should we find ourselves short of staff.

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